Our staff is the key ingredient of RPG Consultants. They are known for independent thinking, rigorous analysis and a proven track record of performance. At all levels of the planning process, clients depend on our experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Although RPG management and staff work collaboratively, we maintain several departments in order to facilitate better support of our clients.

AdvisorsPlan SponsorsParticipants
RPG Finance Dept.
212-947-4800 ext 300
Direct client invoicing (not involving actual Plan assets)
RPG Sales & Marketing Dept.
212-947-4800 ext 225
Sales, marketing and business development opportunities
RPG Conversions Dept.
212-947-4800 ext 205
Onboarding new clients, or when a Plan (or our services) are being terminated
RPG Compliance Dept.
212-947-4800 ext 203
Discrimination testing, document management (including amendments), IRS filings, etc.
RPG Support
212-947-4800 ext 401
All operations of our daily recordkeeping platform, including use of the website, contributions, distributions, trading, etc.

The RPG Support department serves as the concierge for all employee and participant inquiries. They are responsible for every incoming request and ensure that all inquiries are addressed promptly and to the client’s satisfaction. The responsibilities include:

  • Maintaining the RPGFocus website
  • Answering participant questions
  • Withdrawals due to financial hardship
  • Separation from service distributions
  • Death benefit distributions
  • In-service withdrawals
  • Loans
  • Qualified domestic relation order (QDRO) distributions
  • Required minimum distributions (RMD)
  • Return of excess (aggregate) contributions
  • Providing hands-on training to plan sponsors on contribution transmittal procedures
  • Monitoring payroll transmittals

To contact the support department, please e-mail support@rpgconsultants.com or call them at x401.

Our Compliance Department handles all ongoing administration and plan sponsor support. The responsibilities include:

  • Collecting annual census data
  • Performing non-discrimination testing
  • Calculating employer contributions
  • Creating and maintaining plan documents and amendments
  • Performing annual valuations
  • Preparing Plan Tax Returns (Form 5500)
  • Preparing required annual notices
  • Assisting plan sponsors in all compliance-related issues
  • Maintaining Compliance Portal

To contact the Compliance Department, please e-mail compliance@rpgconsultants.com.

Our Conversions Department handles the plan implementation and conversions process. The responsibilities include:
  • Working closely with financial advisors on the implementation of new plans and the conversions of existing plans
  • Coordinating conversion timelines and all required notifications to participants and service providers
  • Managing the implementation of custodial/trading platforms for new and converting plans
  • Organizing the transfer of plan data and assets
  • Hosting participant enrollment meetings and webinars

To contact the Conversions Department, please e-mail conversions@rpgconsultants.com.

Our Finance Department handles all of our accounts payable and receivable and is responsible for:
  • Staff payroll
  • Dealing with vendors
  • Invoicing clients
  • Receiving payments
  • Reconciling accounts

To contact the Finance Department, please e-mail finance@rpgconsultants.com.

Our FSA Department handles all aspects of the administration of our FSA Plans and is responsible for:
  • Maintaining the FSA website
  • Answering participant and client questions
  • Enrolling participants
  • Reconciling payroll transmittals
  • Processing and adjudicating claims
  • Sending reimbursements

To contact the FSA Department, please e-mail fsa@rpgconsultants.com.

Our Operations Department is responsible for:

  • Daily reconciliation
  • Trading
  • Plan Maintenance
  • Reconciling information from client’s payroll with transmittal data from our recordkeeping systems (if applicable)

Our Marketing Department handles all marketing initiatives and is responsible for:

  • Attracting prospective leads
  • Driving sales and conversions
  • Partnership programs
  • Education and webinars
  • Email marketing
  • Content development
  • Website development and maintenance

To contact the Marketing Department, please e-mail marketing@rpgconsultants.com.