We have an Excel template to assist you in submitting your census information to us.

IMPORTANT FIRST STEP: Please save the file to your hard drive replacing the text ClientName with your Company name and MMDDYY with the last day of the Plan year.

The template consists of the three main sections. You will not be able to proceed to the next section without completing the previous one. The sections are as follows:

1) Questionnaire – 8 short questions about your company and your plan(s), mostly in Yes/No format.

2) Census – based on your answers, you will be prompted to fill out the requested information for each employee of your company. Please include all employees regardless of their participation in the plan. You may cut and paste from an existing spreadsheet to enter your data. Red highlighting will indicate that essential information is missing.

3) Final Steps – 3 confirmation questions and directions on how to submit the file to us.

Please e-mail the newly named file to compliance@rpgconsultants.com. You may also upload the file via our secure file upload system by clicking HERE.

NOTE: Please remember to add back in all pre-tax payroll deferrals when reporting Gross Wages. Also, you do not need to erase the first ‘sample’ participant.


RPGCensusTemplate ClientName MMDDYY
  RPGCensusTemplate ClientName MMDDYY
RPGCensusTemplate_ClientName_MMDDYY.xlsm » Post

If you have trouble downloading the file, please e-mail us and we can send it via e-mail as an attachment. For any question please contact our Compliance Dept. via e-mail compliance@rpgconsultants.com or call 212.947.4800 x 203