What paperwork do I need to fill out if I want to take a distribution from my 401k account?

It depends on whether or not you are still employed with your company. Each scenario requires a separate form to be completed in order to proceed with a withdrawal.

-If you are no longer employed by your company, you may request a distribution using the linked “Benefit and Distribution Election Form for Terminated Participants”. This form must be completed, signed and returned to the Trustee at your former company. If you are married and your balance exceeds $5,000.00, your spouse must complete the Spousal Consent section of the distribution form before a notary. Some providers require an additional form to be completed as well. Please ask your plan administrator for more information.

-If, however, you are still employed at your company, you may have the option of taking a 401(k) Loan or a Financial Hardship Distribution. Each has a separate application to be completed which can be accessed here.