Advantages of an Unbundled Platform

There are some things that we’re happy to buy right off the rack. After all, mass production usually means consistency and cost-savings. On the other hand, when we do buy off the shelf, we compromise on individual choice and sometimes flexibility in getting the exact qualities and features we want. In retirement plan terms, that can be a good way to think about the difference between a bundled solution and an unbundled solution.

In a bundled approach, the client typically accepts a standardized plan design and one provider as recordkeeper, TPA, investment manager and custodian. Investment offerings are usually limited, and service delivery reflects the choices and qualities of the provider who may or may not be a leader in all facets of retirement plan work.

As a non-producing TPA with an investment agnostic service model, we are ideally positioned to partner with financial advisors (as we do not compete with advisors). We also avoid any conflict of interest with regard to investments (as we offer an open architecture platform with no proprietary investments or revenue sharing).

When we partner with investment professionals like you, together, we present a compelling unbundled alternative by offering expert and custom-tailored plan designs, broad open architecture options for investment lineups, and personalized, local service to support client relationships and help drive better results over time. We think that represents a superior offering.

The key is appreciating that both models make sense if they are well-designed and well-delivered and most importantly, if they are matched to the right client for the right reasons. We strongly believe that in many cases, a client benefits by the choice, flexibility and service quality of an unbundled approach. And by delivering a custom-tailored model, we’re better able to identify and serve each client’s unique needs and goals.

As always, we appreciate the relationship we have with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to chat about how we can help you differentiate and grow your retirement plan practice.

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