Your TPA Partner Can Help You Win Business

When it comes to the administration of retirement plans, most TPAs can execute the work pretty competently. And while there are differences in quality of process and internal expertise, most of this is technical work that happens behind the curtain. The result is that the vast majority of advisors, and clients for that matter, don’t generally see or perceive these differences.

Where we really differentiate are in three important areas you and your clients DO see and experience. It starts with primary orientation to be a consultative partner that listens and understands how to map the right plan design options to the right client to craft and optimize a retirement plan that can meet their tax and savings goals. We’re happy to work directly with you and clients to illustrate best options and provide expert guidance to get this right. After all, as Peter Drucker once said, “Efficiency is doing things well; Effectiveness is doing the right things.”

Once we have an agreement, clients experience our onboarding process. It’s an important opportunity to reaffirm the quality of the decision to do business with us- and you.

Then, of course, is the quality of the ongoing work and our communications about the periodic and annual operations of the plan. We’re here to support you and meet with clients to review performance and make recommendations to keep things on track.

Yes, some people say that winning new business is job one! We think that it’s just as important to demonstrate excellence in our support of existing relationships. That creates referrals, holds turf, and ultimately tells others why we’re a great partner. We’re here to help you win business – and keep it.

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