RPG Consultants offers 401(k) payroll integration with leading payroll providers for streamlined 401(k) administration, payroll & benefits administration.

Integrated Payroll Alliances

Heartland RPG Consultants 401(k) IntegrationJetPay RPG Consultants 401(k) IntegrationPaylocity RPG Consultants 401(k) IntegrationPaypro RPG Consultants 401(k) Payroll IntegrationPayroll Dynamics RPG Consultants 401(k) IntegrationPCPayroll RPG Consultants 401(k) IntegrationPCPayroll RPG Consultants 401(k) Integration

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Director of Marketing
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Benefits of Payroll Integration

  • Save time on payroll and administrative duties
  • Streamline services by securely and seamlessly managing payroll and retirement plan processes
  • Improve accuracy and reduce fiduciary liability by eliminating manual processing of data
  • Ensure timely investments for 401(k) contributions