Effective with the 2018 Plan Year, RPG has launched an enhancement to our Compliance Portal (the same portal used for 5500 submissions) to collect annual census information. If you need access to the system, please contact the RPG Compliance Dept at compliance@rpgconsultants.com or 212-947-4800 x203.

Portal Instructions

Log in by clicking on the button below

Portal Login

Once logged in, you can navigate the portal using the menu options on the left and/or the To-Do box in the middle. An extensive instruction manual is available HERE.

  1. Annual Questionnaire
    If you are submitting year-end information, please complete the Annual Questionnaire online. Click the Online Annual Questionnaire button in the left menu or under the to-do list. For any other special projects, the questionnaire is NOT required.
  2. Census Worksheet
    You have the option to EITHER download a census file as a .csv to update and then upload again OR you can update a live census file within the portal. You do not need to do both.

    Please review the census worksheet instruction box carefully – including column descriptions.
    In the census worksheet (.csv export or live portal worksheet), you will see a list of all employees that were included in the census last year. Their DOHs will have been cleared – and that is OK. You are ONLY to do the following:
    1. For any employees who earned wages in the referenced year:
      1. Enter hours, salary, deferral and other pertinent information.
      2. Add dates of termination (DOT)
      3. You do NOT need to add a date of hire (DOH) UNLESS this is someone that was previously terminated and rehired in the current year
    2. For any new hires in the current year, add all applicable information INCLUDING DOB and DOH.
    3. If an employee on the list did not work for your firm in the referenced year, please remove them from the listing.
    4. If a former employee is not on this list but was previously reported to us and is rehired in the referenced year, enter the data including the DOB. The DOH should be the rehire date.

If you download the CSV file: This file must remain in the same format for uploading to our systems. Please do NOT remove any rows above (and including) the header row. Add new employees as additional rows under the last employee. Please do not add/remove any columns. And please keep the file extension as a .csv (do NOT change to .xls).

To manage users for your Compliance Portal, please click HERE.