RPG’s core services include working with Plan Sponsors to design, implement and maintain a qualified retirement plan that will meet their needs, both today and in the future. We help Plan Sponsors determine whether the Plan serves the goals and objectives of the Owners and Key Executives, and whether it is cost-effective for the Company and its Employees.

Qualified Retirement Plans offer the Plan Sponsors and the Plan Participants the opportunity to set aside tax deductible savings and to build toward their respective retirement goals. 401K plans give employees the ability to deduct pre-tax dollars from their wages and apply them to their tax-deferred retirement accounts.

Employers have the ability to make contributions that are tax deductible to the Company, provide a retention benefit for employees, and can help meet their own retirement goals as well.

We clarify and design options as to how the Plan can establish ways to benefit a select group of employees and executives, streamline employee communication, reduce administrative costs, improve the efficiency and accuracy of benefits administration and ensure compliance with all U.S. Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service guidelines. Participant recordkeeping can also be provided on a daily, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.