RPG was among the first companies in the U.S. able to provide ETFs in a retirement plan daily valuation recordkeeping format. Through its relationships with Financial Advisors and RIAs at major financial institutions, RPG has the ability to deliver this inexpensive investment choice to Plan participants providing them with the ability to also select target retirement date ETFs and lifestyle strategies comprised solely of ETFs. ETFs can offer significant advantages over mutual funds, offering lower fees, and far greater transparency and disclosure in keeping with recent Government pension legislation.

Through its RPGFocus website, RPG allows participants to make changes daily to their fund allocations and view balances and various reports immediately. All balances are updated on a daily basis. Participants can access their account via a secure website 24 hours-a -day. RPG’s daily valuation system allows Financial Advisors to select from any mutual fund or exchange-traded fund available at the Financial Advisor’s financial institution.

Login for Participants and Sponsors (as well as demo access) is available by clicking below: 

A partial list of the RPGFocus services and benefits:

A New York based family owned and operated CompanyTrue-open architecture investment choices of any mutual fund family, ETF, and managed strategy
No revenue sharing or 12b-1 fees from any investmentsCan work with any independent 3(16), 3(21) or 3(38) Fiduciaries
Experienced team of conversions experts to ensure a smooth transaction from current providerParticipant education & enrollment
Payroll IntegrationQuicken and mint.com integration
TPA, Sponsor and Financial Advisor website with full access including on-demand and archived reportsParticipant internet access to accounts (including Spanish-language option)
NY-based phone, e-mail and live chat supportDaily update of share prices and individual account balances
Online statements available at any time for any time periodLoan processing, maintenance and tracking repayments
Payroll Reminders for upcoming, due and overdue 401k contributionsHardship Reminders for resumption of deferrals after 6-month suspension
Benefit Determinations for payment to membersYear-end 1099 reporting
Value-added “handholding” services – we’re here to answer your questionsFinancial wellness

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