Basis Point Calculator

Basis Point Calculator

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View account level holdings, track cash/investment activity and access all historical custody statements on your plans.
Access to view over 65 pre-approved publicly available Third Party Mutual Fund and ETF Money Managers, as well as the ability to filter through their available strategies to pinpoint portfolio(s) that best fit your plan’s needs.
Comb through over 100,000 securities with the ability to build your own custom fund universe(s) by setting filtering parameters. Run on-demand extracts of fund universes into Excel or to a presentation ready PDF.
Depending on what system you use for investment monitoring and tracking or for performance reporting, MATC can often provide automated downloads for seamless reporting.
Permits advisors to view over 2 million retirement plan contacts to help with prospecting. This database allows the user to filter by location, plan size, industry, provider and much more.
Enables advisors to run on-demand Performance and Monitoring reports, Investment Policy Statement(s) and Asset/Expense reports for their retirement accounts in custody with and away from MATC.
MATC’s proprietary web-based technology that allows you to build, trade and rebalance ETF and mutual fund based portfolios. ModelxChange also has the added benefit of being the first platform of its kind that allows 401(k) professionals to seamlessly incorporate investment models into a retirement plan, all through a single interface.
DepositxChange™ is our FDIC eligible daily deposit product that offers a competitive alternative to money market funds for plan participant investment menus. Operated as a multi-bank platform, DepositxChange processes daily plan deposit and withdrawal activity across participating banks, connecting them seamlessly with your record keeping partners.

Investment professionals play an essential role at RPG.  By offering their financial expertise to our clients’ company Retirement Accounts, investment professionals ensure that our clients’ retirement savings grow steadily helping to achieve their goals.  Financial advisors and RIAs who partner with RPG benefit from our superior client service and unique market abilities, including the capability to record keep ETFs as well as mutual funds in Retirement Accounts.  Our goal at RPG is to efficiently manage all non-investment operations relating to Retirement Plans so that investment professionals can concentrate on what they do best.

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We are a CEFEX-Certified Recordkeeper and Third Party Administrator (TPA) and offer full-service retirement planning with an emphasis on defined benefit, defined contribution and 401(k) programs, complex pension strategies (including select comparability designs), non-qualified deferred compensation programs, cafeteria plans and plans covered by the Davis-Bacon Act. We handle the administration service requirements for all the above programs, including daily and quarterly valuation record keeping capabilities and cafeteria plan flexible spending accounts. Learn more…

Our staff is the key ingredient of RPG Consultants. They are known for independent thinking, rigorous analysis and a proven track record of performance. At all levels of the planning process, clients depend on our experienced and knowledgeable professionals.

Although RPG management and staff work collaboratively, we maintain several departments in order to facilitate better support of our clients.

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